Growth by Design

Our Venture Studio works with startups and corporates to build digital business models with a focus on brand, product and growth.

Adria Head of People

Build ventures in weeks

Funds and accelerators play an important role in the venture ecosystem, but they are not the right partner for every challenge. The Venture Studio, on the other hand, represents a growth-oriented solution for startups and corporates.

1/4 Architecture

We develop the idea, plan the user journey and test the value proposition.

2/4 Design

We design brands, landing pages and digital tools to match the growth phase.

3/4 Technology

The technical implementation is the heart of every digital product, we offer full support.

4/4 Scaling

Growth can be managed, we provide the strategy to grow through data.

Adria Head of People

We were able to start immediately!

Our SaaS model lives from user & brand experience. In order to be able to start directly, we brought W11 Network on board to master the brand and product tasks quickly and efficiently. The aim was to optimize for maximum scalability during the seed round. This jumpstart saved us a lot of money and time!

Felix Sandrock

Serial Entrepreneur

Ideal for corporations and medium-sized businesses

"W11 is our preferred partner when it comes to tailor-made digital solutions for the Coffema Group. We appreciate the pleasant and professional cooperation and are very satisfied with the results."

Lino Nilsson

CDO, Coffema International

Our launchpad

W11 is the operational plug-in for our neworld fund. With W11 we can generate additional value for our investments and at the same time optimize our return on investment.

Alexander Lackner

Managing partner, neworld

Do you know your potential?

In order to better understand where the untapped potentials lie, we have developed the first design score. From the customer's perspective, we evaluate brand, product and user-friendliness.

Find out your score
  • Branding

  • Performance

  • Experience

Dein Score
2.6 Potential Score
2.6 Curent Score
Adria Head of People

All our services at a glance


  • Workshops

  • Ideation

  • Validation

  • Vaue proposition

  • User experience

  • User research

  • User journney

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Corporate innovation


  • Corporate design

  • Naming

  • Logo design

  • Colours & fonts

  • Styleguide / design system

  • UI design

  • Web / app design

  • Icon sets

  • Packaging design

  • Brand positioning


  • Development

  • Wordpress

  • React.js

  • Booking tools

  • SaaS tools

  • E-Commerce shops

  • A/B testing

  • Analytics setup

  • Scoping

  • Projekt management


  • Growth setup

  • Scorecard

  • KPI definition

  • Performance marketing

  • Analytics dashboard

  • SEO & SEA optimisation

  • Ad strategy

  • Lead strategy

  • Keyword definition

  • Social media


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